Conferences, meetings and corporate events may only last for a few hours,but during any function, clear and easy to read signage is always a must for your guests. Using Navaho’s MediaCAT Digital Signage Solution, information can be tailored to the event in a matter of seconds to display Wayfinding, welcome messages, hotel and venue facility information or event specific related details 


Wayfinding is a term used to describe the ways people orient themselves and navigate from place-to-place. We’ve all seen the traditional, static wayfinding signage – the signposts with multiple arrows pointing people in various directions or a map in a Shopping Centre entrance indicating, “YOU ARE HERE”. While these signs and devices may be effective in places like hospitals and university campuses, certain businesses need to provide more than just navigation cues.

By offering up-to-the-minute information on meeting locations and scheduling changes, digital wayfinding signs ensure that visitors can navigate a large hotel or conference centre,

for example with minimal stress. One of the main advantages of using digital signs and

displays for wayfinding purposes is that it uses both visual and auditory cues for navigation, and is thus multi-sensory and more engaging, and therefore more efficient in directing and guiding pedestrians, or even vehicular, traffic.


Navaho’s MediaCAT is a flexible solution that combines intelligent server technology with electronic noticeboards and digital signage for a highly responsive media presentation system. Wayfinding screens are generally located in lobbies or entrance areas and can be configured to display static markers, such as Lifts or Fire Exits, as well as providing dynamic direction markers with time and event specific information.

MediaCAT’s dynamic Wayfinding plugin is targeted at Hotels, Conference Centres and Exhibition Centres, as well as large businesses with multiple meeting rooms. The Wayfinding system supports general way marking screens as well as room/location specific screens. From large Exhibition Centres to single meeting rooms, Navaho’s MediaCAT gives you the unique edge over your competitors by being able to offer your customers personalised signage and information screens at the touch of a button.