The Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage player is revolutionising Information, Wayfinding and Signage within the Hospitality sector. MediaCAT can be used to transform Hotels, Resorts, Conference Centres, Exhibition Centres and Event venues.

The inability to reach guests with time-sensitive messaging proves a drawback of traditional static signs. Every time a sign requires updating, cost factors are involved. Over the course of a year, the cost of designing, printing, installing and disposing all of the printed signs in a hospitality environment can prove a significant expense. Fortunately, Navaho’s MediaCAT offers an effective, affordable communications alternative, making it ideal for conveying marketing messages and information far beyond the possibilities of print. Increasingly, the hospitality industry is turning to digital signage to satisfy its informational and marketing communications requirements. Using Navaho’s MediaCAT Digital Signage solution, information can be tailored to any event in a matter of seconds to display welcome messages, hotel and venue facility information, Wayfinding or any event specific related details.


Navaho’s MediaCAT offers its application in landscape or portrait orientation and screens are mounted in the property’s common areas to ensure maximum exposure. To maximise the value of digital signs and minimise the amount of personnel time and effort dedicated to updating signs, MediaCAT’s easy to use web interface allows you to edit the content on screens from any PC or Mac on your network and allows you to quickly and easily upload your customers media such as video and images for playback on the screen.

Navaho’s MediaCAT can also provide hospitality digital signage with end-to-end functionality for interactive kiosks. Navaho’s MediaCAT serves as a concierge facility in hotel lobbies providing restaurant reservations, directions, activity schedules, ticket reservations for hotel guests, business executive’s information on meeting rooms and schedules, branded advertising for hotel amenities including restaurants, spas and fitness centres plus more.

From a large Hotel Resort to a single meeting room, Navaho MediaCAT gives you the unique edge over your competitors by being able to offer your customers personalised signage and information screens at the touch of a button.

MediaCAT in action:

“With conference facilities for 3000 delegates located over four floors, Novotel London West needed to implement a system of way finding that would allow our clients to find their meeting room easily. Navaho’s system ticked every box. The ease of installation and configuration meant we were able to deploy in a very short space of time without disrupting a very busy operation. We worked with Navaho to create a user interface that any member of staff could use with as little as five minutes of training and provided us with a highly customisable solution that meets both the hotel and the clients needs. The system has been so reliable we have not had the need to call support and any changes we have asked for have been turned around extremely fast. I foresee the relationship between Navaho and Novotel London West being a long and rewarding one.”
Steve Erskine, IT Manager London Hotels, Accor UK & Ireland Hotels