The Navaho MediaCAT is a flexible media presentation system that displays images, video and Web-based content on almost any type of display device.

In Schools and on college campuses, a familiar scene is a cluttered bulletin board overflowing with flyers for campus notices, club meetings and educational trips. Electronic notice boards in education are emerging not only as a way to clean up those billboards, but offers teachers and staff a way to directly deliver messages to students. Navaho’s MediaCAT is a simple to use appliance which allows the user to quickly and easily update
any information that they wish to pass on to visitors, parents, pupils and tutors alike in real time.

Electronic notice board displays within primary and secondary schools are becoming more and more popular. One of the major benefits of electronic notice boards within schools is the cost savings involved; Each time any information requires changing, digital displays save traditional paper and printing costs as well as reducing processing time.The Navaho MediaCAT is a flexible media presentation system that displays images, video and Web-based content on almost any type of display device

Example display areas:
• Reception – welcome screens, faculty information
• Events – Parents evenings school plays and productions
• Classroom – Pupil’s work awards and achivements
• Libraries – Advice on finding books & opening times
• Safety – Alarms, fire exits and evacuation procedures
• Sports – Training videos, time tables, and specific sports TV
• Canteen – Menus, dietary advice and local and national news

Why choose a Navaho MediaCAT over a traditional PC?
• Reduce Costs & Save Energy – MediaCAT player draws 1/10 of the power used by a regular PC
• Remote Access – Controlled by a web interface, updated over the network e.g. MAC/PC/LINUX
• Timed Content – Automatically changes playing content at various times of the day
• Reliability – Solid state operating system provides maximum resilience
• Security – Secure communication prevents unwanted changes

Simple to use Plug your Navaho MediaCAT into one display or attach to multiple screens, control is easy with the onboard web-based management software. The player can be completely managed and controlled from a single location from any computer with a web browser. Multiple players can be controlled centrally from a single unit using the built-in software.

Flexible Presentations Using Web pages, Video, Slide shows, scroll texts or live feeds, this all-in-one solution presents your message in an exciting and memorable way. With an Internet connection, the Navaho MediaCAT player can even display live pages or RSS feeds. Information or entertainment can be fed from multiple external sources – national news; weather music channels; web pages. Navaho’s MediaCAT scheduling function can target times of day and days of week easily tailoring what is shown and when.

Scenes MediaCAT’s newest feature, “Scenes” allows the creation of an overall screen design with the ability to “edit” and “lock” desired areas. Other areas are therefore adjustable by other users. This means Information relevant to each specific department can be altered locally, whilst corporate notices and branding are controlled centrally.