Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage systems allow you to enrich and enhance your customers travelling experience, whilst also providing the opportunity for advertising.

Having access to accurate, Real Time Passenger Information is crucial for a stress-free journey. Navaho’s MediaCAT player is specifically designed for use in transport applications both in-vehicles and in static locations, providing clear and up to the minute information. Public transport also lends itself to informational media to be integrated with advertising.

Information Displays

Enable you to show a wide range of messages including, this stop/next stop, expected departure/arrival times, current time, schedule changes and many more, all of which can be tailor made to satisfy any individual requirements.

Industry Expertise

Navaho’s MediaCAT combines the latest advanced technology and multimedia techniques to deliver powerful, tailored messages to customers. Ideal for launching new products and advertising special offers.

Service / Route information CCTV Integration This Stop / Next Stop Audio Announcements Image Slide Shows MPEG Video Support Weather Forecast Induction Loop Support News Headlines Freeview TV 3rd Party Adverts Heath &
Safety Alerts Statistic Reports Drag & Drop Layouts Display Web Pages RSS News
Ticker Software Plug-ins Wireless Support Password Protection Remote Access

MediaCAT’s user interface is designed to be very simple to use, allowing customers to get real value from the flexibility of the software. The MediaCAT can be managed remotely, on-site or from a combination of both. This puts the customer in full control of applications they want local staff to manage, such as health & safety notifications or transport timetables and allows the outsourcing of other functions such as the management of advertising to third parties.

The ability to utilise Mobile phone networks provide the MediaCAT with constant access to vehicles that don’t regularly return to a depot. Also, with this type of connection the MediaCAT players can even display live web content, i.e., News and Weather. For systems which require less frequent updates where the vehicles are stored in a central location, a more cost effective solution of wireless networking allows the content to be updated overnight whilst the vehicles are parked or being maintained.

For systems which require infrequent updates, new content updates can even be uploaded to the MediaCAT player manually using a USB Flash key update or external hard drive.