Many Corporate businesses now utilise Plasma and LCD Displays within their company, in their reception area or within staff canteens and office areas. Businesses can greatly enhance the use and impact of these displays by incorporating Navaho’s MediaCAT Digital Signage solution within their business.

Navaho’s MediaCAT is a powerful and professional visual communication tool ensuring that staff are kept updated and informed in day-to-day business.

First impressions are extremely important and Navaho’s MediaCAT is the optimum communication and information system, designed to enhance your reception area. Visitors and staff are welcomed with clear, up-to-date information ensuring that your organisation is presented in a professional and enterprising manner.
Breaking news about your company, such as acquisitions, awards or major orders can be presented in a colourful, interesting and eye-catching way.

An important part of running a business is staff training and keeping staff informed. Electronic noticeboards can be used to display staff training videos. e.g. health and safety or internal systems training. Create memorable training programs by getting the right information across to the right people at the right time, reducing costs on traditional printing manual methods. With the inclusion of a remote control supervisors can take control of the signage board and use it as a presentation device for staff training.

Electronic Signage Corporate
Staff require up-to-date and accurate information and the traditional noticeboards and newsletters are costly and time consuming. HSE is responsible for health and safety at work and require that in order to provide first aid to someone who is injured or who has become ill at work, employers must have adequate procedures in place. Navaho’s Media-CAT is the perfect solution to communicate these messages quickly and effectively to staff by way of training videos.

Up-to-date safety notifications can be uploaded instantly to communicate to all staff such as first aid locations and fire exits. In addition, specific safety information can be communicated to your employees, including correct safety clothing, hard hat requirements, or protective footwear. Navaho’s MediaCAT creates quite an impression, not only with visitors and clients, but also for your staff. The MediaCAT can be used as a vital marketing tool for sales presentations and communication tool for board meetings.

Give corporate presentations to clients or staff a new twist by using a variety of media types including video, audio and web based information. One of the major benefits of electronic noticeboards within companies are the cost savings involved; Each time any information requires changing digital display users save on the traditional paper and printing costs and processing time.