MEDIACAT CARIBBEAN NETWORK BV is a Caribbean based content management provider that controls a highly versatile multi-media system with remote management and content update capabilities.

We offer a wide range of content management solutions and advertising services in several Caribbean countries.

Our mediacat content management system can be connected to LED Displays, LCD/Plasma screens and Kiosk systems at strategic locations allowing you to activate playlist at different times of the day, week or year. This system is ideal to communicate directly with a certain group of people at a certain location at a certain time.

Our mediacat advertising network consist of LED Displays on main roads and screens in quality hotels, at shopping malls, on airports,  at popular café’s, and public busses in several Caribbean countries.

Imagine your company, for instance in Asia, Europe or USA, being able to place an ad on a network of screens in Caribbean and South American countries?

Now you can do so without using expensive local marketing consultants.

Getting your message across at the right place at the right time. MediaCat!